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Universal snap on ruffler - P60111

$59.95  $30.00

Snap on ruffler fits most japanese shank machines like the quantum SINGER XL's, Confidence, Curvy, Inspiration, Touch and sew (new), Janome, and Baby Lock and Brother. P60111

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This universal ruffler foot fits most machines that use snap-on presser feet.

Guaranteed to fit Babylock Sewing Machine Models: B15, B17, B21, BL1550, BL1556, BL16, BL2160, BL22, BL37, BL3800, BL6150, BL6200, BL6300, BL6600, BL6700, BL6800, BL7500, BL7800, BL8000, BL8500, BL8800, BL9500, BLCC Crafter's Choice, BLCC2 Crafter's Choice 2, BLDC Decorator's Choice, BLDC2 Decorator's Choice 2, BLQC Quilter's Choice, BLQC2 Quilter's Choice 2, BLG Ellegante, BLG2 Ellegante 2, BLL Ellageo, BLN Esante, BLR Ellure, BLR2 Ellure 2, BLSR Espire, ESE Esante, ESE2 Esante 2, ESG Ellageo, ESG2 Ellageo 2, ESG3 Ellageo 3, ESL Ellure, ESN, ESP, INT

Guaranteed to fit Brother Sewing Machine Models: 1781, CS8060, CS8200, Innov-is 85E (NS85E), L15, LB6800, NS40E Project Runway LE, NV1000, NV1200, NV1500, NV2500D, NV500D, NV4000D, NV4500D, NV6750D Quattro 3, NV90, NV90E, NV900D, NV95E, NV950E, NX200, NX200 Innovis, NX200 Pacesetter, NX200LE, NX200QE, NX250, NX400, NX400 Innovis, NX400 Pacesetter, NX400LE, NX400Q, NX400QE, NX420, NX450, NX570Q, NX600, NX650, PC-15, PC210, PC210PRW, PC2800, PC3000, PC4000, PC420, PC420PRW, PC5000, PC6000, PC6500, PC7000, PC7500, PC8000, PC8200, PC8500, PC8500D, PC8895, PE100, PE150, PE150V, PE170D, PE180D, PE200, PE300S, PE400D, PE500, PE540D, PE700, PE700II, PE750D Innov-is, PE770, PE780D, PE8200, PE8500, PS1000, PS1200, PS1250, PS1700, PS1750, PS1800, PS1900, PS1950, PS21 Pacesetter, PS2100, PS2200, PS2250, PS2300, PS2360, PS2470, PS2500, PS3100, PS3700, SC3000, SE270D, SE350, SM2700, SM3701, SM8270, ULT2001, ULT2002, ULT2002D, ULT2003D, XL1351, XL1561, XL2005, XL2010, XL2015, XL2021, XL2022, XL2025, XL2030, XL2120, XL2120PRO, XL2121, XL2130, XL2130NT, XL2140, XL2150, XL2220, XL2220 Plus, XL2220NT, XL2230, XL2240, XL2250, XL2600, XL2610, XL2620, XL3010, XL3022, XL3025, XL3027, XL3030, XL3100, XL3200, XL3500, XL3500i, XL3510, XL3520, XL3600, XL3750, XL3750FS, XL3800, XL4001, XL4010, XL4012, Xl4013, XL4014, XL4015, XL4020, XL4030, XL4040, XL4050, XL4060, XL5001, XL5010, XL5011, XL5012, XL5020, XL5021, XL5022, XL5030, XL5031, XL5032, XL5050, XL5060, XL5070, XL5100, XL5130, XL5200, XL5230, XL5232, XL5300, XL5340, XL5500, XL5600, XL5700, XL6040, XL6050, XL6060, XL622, XL6452, XL6552, XL6562, XL702, XL703, XL711, XL781, XL791, XL851, XV8500D, XV8550D THE Dream Machine 2 Innov-is (Fits all Brother: XL, PC, PS, PE SERIES)

Guaranteed to fit Elna Sewing Machine Models: 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000, 9000, CLUB, DIVA

Guaranteed to fit Janome Sewing Machine Models: 3018DC, 3128, 405, 415, 419S, 423S, 4612, 4618, 4618LE, 4623, 5018 Decor Excel, 509, 5124 Decor Excel Pro, 521, 525, 6019QC, 6125QC, 625E, 6260QC, 660 Jem Gold, 661 Jem Gold 2, 712T, 720 Jem Platinum, 7306, 7312, 7318, 7330, 760 Jem Platinum, DC2007LE, DC2010, DC2011, DC2012, DC3018, DC3050, DC430, DC5100, HD1000, HD3000, HT2008, HT2008LE, JS1008, JS1008LE, MC10000, MC10001, MC11000, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4400, MC4400QC, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5700, MC6300, MC6500, MC6600, MC7500, MC9000, MC9500, MC9700, S-3015 Schoolmate, S-750 Classmate, Sew Precise

Guaranteed to fit Simplicity Sewing Machine Models: SB4138, SB8000

Guaranteed to fit Singer Sewing Machine Models: 1100, 1105, 1107, 1116, 1120, 1130, 2623, 2638, 2662, 3709, 3722, 3750, 3800, 3810, 3812, 3820, 3822, 3825, 3860, 6038, 6510, 6550, 7300, 7312, 7330, 7360, 7380, 7422, 7424, 7426, 7436, 7442, 7444, 7460, 7462, 7463, 7464, 7465, 7466, 7467, 7468, 7469, 7470 Companion, 7470 Confidence, 8763, 8770, 8780, 9910, 9920, 9940, 9960, CE-100, CE150, CE-200, CE250, CE350, CXL, XL-1, XL-100, XL-150, XL400, Quantum LE, Quantum XL1000, XL50, Quantum XL5000, Quantum XL6000

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  • Model: Snap on ruffler fits most -P6011
  • Shipping Weight: 0.2lbs
  • Manufactured by: P D Sixty

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